Biomedical Cyclotron

The UCLA Ahmanson Biomedical Cyclotron Facility is part of the Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology and the Ahmanson Translational Imaging Division. The main activities of the cyclotron are: a) production and development of PET radiopharmaceuticals for research and clinical scans within the UCLA medical network, and b) research on new radiolabelling techniques and platforms. The cyclotron has two Siemens RDS 112 cyclotrons that produce Curie levels of positron emitting radioisotopes. All the compounds produced for human injection are produced under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) following FDA’s CFR 212 regulations or USP 823. The radiochemistry laboratories are fully equipped with hot cells, radio-HPLCs, dose calibrators, microwave reactors, GC/MS instruments and several custom-made automated radiochemistry systems and fully-automated synthesis modules for the routine and research production of 18F- and 11C-labeled probes. Analytical HPLC systems with a variety of detectors, radio-TLC scanner and GC systems are used for PET probe quality control. The two facilities also have organic chemistry laboratories where multi-step syntheses of tracer precursors and non-radioactive standards can be performed. For detailed characterization of precursor compounds, a multinuclear 360 MHz NMR spectrometer, IR, LCMS, GC/MS & UV-Vis spectrometers are also available.


Dr. Giuseppe Carlucci, Cyclotron Director
Phone: (310) 794-7638
Email: gcarlucci@mednet.ucla.edu