Prospective Graduate Students

Welcome to the Molecular Pharmacology Home Area

The Molecular Pharmacology: Diagnostics, Therapeutics, and Biology of Disease is a Home Area within the broader UCLA Graduate Programs in Biosciences (GPB).  The Home Areas are composed of interdepartmental group of faculty and students with shared interests in research areas and approaches. 

Our interdepartmental Home Area provides training and research opportunities for Ph.D. students in basic and clinical research by integrating biological, medical, physical, engineering and mathematical sciences to advance and integrate discovery and innovation across three overall fields represented in the “triangle” concept: (1) biology of disease, (2) molecular diagnostics and (3) molecular and cellular therapeutics. We strive to understand basic biological systems and disease states, and – where appropriate – to use these observations to develop both new molecular diagnostic technologies and new molecular therapeutics.

Within our Home Area many faculty are also members of the preclinical Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging (CIMI) and the Ahmanson Translational Imaging Division (ATID). Housed in the ATID is the integration of preclinical molecular imaging, drug discovery and clinical PET research, along with the Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT diagnostic imaging clinical services where students have access to clinical sciences with the opportunity to directly impact patient care.