Student Representatives

Each year graduate students and postdocs are elected by their peers to representative positions. Students and postdocs will be selected both from the Molecular and Medical Pharmacology graduate program and the Interdepartmental Program in Biomedical Physics. These representatives play a critical role in enriching graduate student life through recruitment and orientation of new students, participation in Graduate Training Committee meetings, organization of the Pharmacology retreats, coordinating special events and communicating the needs of the graduate students to the Graduate Training Committee and the department chair. They also participate in faculty meetings. Through these activities, the student representatives gain valuable leadership experience, the ability to positively influence the department’s graduate program, and serve as an information conduit between the graduate students and the faculty.

Meet our current representatives:

Mildred Galvez

Mildred is a third year MD/PhD student in the lab of Dr. Antoni Ribas studying resistance mechanisms to immune checkpoint blockade in melanoma. She received her bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley as a Molecular and Cell Biology major and Anthropology minor. Outside of lab, she enjoys dancing, running, reading, and writing.




Danny Srole

Danny is a third year PhD candidate in the UCLA Center for Iron Disorders and is advised by Drs. Tomas Ganz and Elizabeta Nemeth. His research focuses on how iron metabolism influences and is influenced by human health and disease. He conducted undergraduate research at UC Berkeley in Dr. Jamie Cate’s lab studying translational regulation of the iron storage protein ferritin and graduated with a degree in Molecular & Cell Biology and minors in Spanish and STEM education.



Olga Chen

My name is Chia-Chun Chen, and I go by Olga or Chia. I am a third-year graduate student receiving joint mentorships from Dr. Owen Witte and Dr. Tom Graeber. My thesis work is to understand transcriptional regulation in prostate cancer. Outside of the lab, I enjoy cooking, baking, working out and golfing!