The Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology (DMMP) is a combined basic science and clinical department. The DMMP integrates mathematics, engineering, physical, biological and medical sciences to achieve together advances that we cannot achieve individually in three overall areas: (1) understanding biology of disease, (2) developing new molecular diagnostics and (3) developing new molecular and cellular therapeutics.

The DMMP offers an opportunity for students, postdocs, medical fellows, and basic and clinical faculty to explore together the molecular and biological mechanisms that regulate cellular and organ functions to (1) identify and understand molecular errors of disease, (2) develop means to diagnose and monitor disease, and (3) develop pharmacological means to correct these errors. Within the DMMP are the preclinical Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging (CIMI) and the Ahmanson Translational Imaging Division (ATID). Within ATID, with its Nuclear Medicine and PET imaging research and clinical service, students have access to state-of-the-art science and technology to directly impact patient care.


  • 2015 Doctoral Hooding Ceremony

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    The 2015 UCLA Doctoral Hooding Ceremony will be held on June 11 in Royce Hall. More information here.

    Date: 3/31/2015

  • Recruitment underway

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    Recruitment underway for faculty FTEs in the Crump and Pharmacology.

    Date: 11/12/2012

  • DMMP Special Seminar

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    DMMP Special Seminar – Prof Jane A. Mitchell. 2:00 pm in the NRB Auditorium. More information here

    Date: 11/9/2012

  • Crump Institute Special Seminar

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    Crump Institute Special Seminar – Dennis R. Schaart, Ph.D. 3:00 pm in the CNSI 5th floor presentation space. More information here

    Date: 11/5/2012